August 22, 2006

atomic butterfly

My first performance out in the tribal world. If someone had told me a year ago that I would be dancing on a stage before hundreds of people, I would have grimaced and proclaimed their insanity.

Since China, I have learned to appreciate obscurity, to not draw attention to myself or stand out in a crowd. Not out of fear, but rather out of a desire for peace. I have wanted neither praise nor criticism, scrutiny nor speculation. I think it really freaked me out in China how much attention I got and yet how alienated I felt.

And yet here I am, dancing with fabulous women in a fabulous troupe. Only three of us could go to the festival, so we had ourselves a little roadtrip and a lot of fun. We wore bright butterfly colors and danced with light props that Beth created. We didn't get a huge audience reaction, but it didn't matter. We had fun just being up there together and dancing. That's how I wanted it to be and fortunately, that's how it has been.

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