September 4, 2006

my brother-in-law is a rockstar

I was fifteen when he and my sister were first dating in college. They knew each other back in high school. He claims he was in love with her then. They were voted "Most Artistic" by their senior class. In college, she started taking the train to New York City on certain weekends to explore the city with him. They played and laughed and discovered art together. He made pieces of art for her and hid secret messages in them. Her toes wiggled when she was with him.

When I lived in Italy, he sent me funny letters and drawings and once, a tape of his band's songs. His letters revealed how crazy in love he was with my sister. They broke up towards the end of college. She moved away to Arizona and he to Florida. They lived their separate lives for nearly 8 years. One day he wrote her a letter and when she read it, she called him. They were married within a year.

He is a talented artist, the lead singer in a metal band, and a web designer among other things. He is ├╝ber playful and has a loud, raucous laugh which he frequently bursts into, often with a mouthful of food. He is generous, funny, considerate, and a badass brother-in-law, as well as husband, son, and father. And today is his 37th birthday. Happy birthday, G!

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