January 16, 2007

11 things i can't live without

(not necessarily in order:)
  1. dance
  2. meaningful relationships
  3. sunshine
  4. water
  5. laughter
  6. solitude
  7. home
  8. love
  9. beauty
  10. health
  11. integrity

If I had to eliminate eight of them, one by one, which would be the first to go? Which three would I hold tight to?

There have been times in my life when I have lived without some of these by choice. And times when I had no choice but to live without them. (At least it felt that way.)

I suppose there is always a choice.

What surprises me is my own resilience. Knowing that if (or when) I must live without something I value, I will adapt.


Jenna said...

What a great exercise! I think a lot of the anxiety and worry we go through in life probably involves the loss of some of these things we hold dear. Going without them is a growth experience -- if nothing else.

Hey, isn't it fun to check your blog and see what people have to say??

Tyler said...

A life without Love, Beauty and Water would be far too cold for me, so I'd have to get rid of them... :)

And by the way, I believe that Dillard's line on cultivating a healthy poverty might be the most poignant string of words I've chanced upon thus far in my life. Glad to see that someone else out there appreciates it as well.