January 22, 2007

snow in the desert

Photo by Brandye Ferguson

Last night during troupe practice, the studio manager came in to tell us that it was snowing outside and she thought we might want to see it. We all scrambled for our coats and headed to the studio up front with giant windows looking out over Sixth Avenue. The snow was coming down in enormous flurries. Brandye brought her camera and took this photo of my Bug, Lulu, which happened to be parked just below.
I got to drive home in slush with an inch of snow on my hood and foggy windows.

The last time it snowed this hard in Tucson, it was 1986 and I was in the 7th grade. It is so rare to get snow in the Sonoran desert. How surreal to see saguaros and palo verde trees dusted with white. We complain of the brutal heat of summer so much that it is jarring to experience the bitter cold of winter. I had to laugh when I saw today's
Tucson Citizen headline: "Snow Paralyzes City." The headline photo showed two children laughing and playing in the snow. One of them was wearing shorts. Although it only snowed an inch or so, apparently a lot of people were "snowed in" this morning and the local school districts gave the kids a snow day.

I love how a little snow in the desert can turn things upside down. Unfortunately, I did not get a snow day.

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jenna said...

I'm shedding tears for you! Ha!
I love your cute little car.