October 26, 2008

autumn leaves

Yesterday, Michael and I drove up to Summerhaven on Mt. Lemmon to see the only bit of fall foliage that we get in Tucson. We hiked the ski lift trail and asked the ski lift operator at the top if we could pay him for a half-trip down the mountain. He shook his head and told us he'd let us ride for free. So we had a quiet 7-minute ride down the mountain and a gorgeous view of the cleft of Redfield Canyon and the Galiuro mountains in the distance.

We missed the major autumn colors by about two weeks. We saw mostly lemon-yellow aspens and a few red oak leaves littering the trail. We were quietly celebrating the completion of the remodeling and upgrades to our house while at the same time mourning the fact that it is going up for sale today. It's appropriate that the house is going up for sale in autumn, the season of change and letting go.

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Evelyn said...

I think I am mourning too. I know it is just "stuff." Our housekeeper breaks something almost every week, and I look at her and say, "It's all just stuff, don't worry about it." But, with this, I can't say that, because it is also the stuff of your hearts, and THAT I worry about.

I keep hoping for some miracle, so I can selfishly visit, and all this is stays in your hands where it belongs. It isn't mine to let go, and yet, I'm not ready. I love Villa Luna Rica.