April 29, 2009

the boy next door


The first thing I do when I walk into my office in the morning is raise the blinds and open the window to let in the fresh air and the sounds of the neighborhood: the birds and cars and the neighbors' wind chimes.

Yesterday, as I was getting ready to leave work, I heard a little boy's laughter. I looked out my window and saw him standing on the trellis in his yard. I had never seen him or the neighbors before, only heard their dog bark on occasion.

He was so cute, playing in that way kids do that is entirely conducted by their imaginations. I happened to bring my camera with me and I couldn't resist taking a few pictures and a short video clip when I heard his mom's voice calling to him to "Get down from there!"

Things took a strange turn when I got home from work. Michael has his truck for sale and a couple had made an appointment to come see it. Their names were Scott and Anna and they brought
their little boy Nico along. They were in their 30s and appeared to be members of the alternative/hippie/artist tribe. He was a former architect who did funky home remodeling projects for a living. She was a stay-at-home mom.

Michael went outside to show them the truck and when he came back inside he said, "You'll never guess where they live!"

"Where? Fort Lowell? Bellevue?" I asked.

They live right next door to your office. On Dodge."

When they came back inside, I had to tell them that just a couple hours before, I was watching their son playing on the trellis in their yard and had taken some pictures because he was irresistibly adorable. I took out my camera and showed them the pictures. We were all baffled by the coincidence. What are the odds that on
this day these people would be coming over to our house to look at Michael's truck?

Is it coincidence? Serendipity? Does it mean anything at all?

I felt a kind of settling inside me, the acknowledgment of a sign from the universe that everything is going as it needs to go and it's all going to be all right.

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Evelyn said...

Interesting that as I get older I really am attentive to the wonder and playfulness of children (especially young ones). In the world, without a care, just carrying on with them-selves. Each child is attentive to his/her world in his/her own way. When I sit and play with art or dance, I feel like that. The world always seems to take care of me, one way or another. Children trust that almost implicitly and play just as strongly as they believe this. Me, I am relearning how much to trust the world, how much to dance and display what has always been art, but smothered by judgment or criticism. The art of play - the little guy really knows it!