May 6, 2009

unstuck that rut

A few months ago I cracked open a fortune cookie after lunch and found this fortune inside. I had been feeling stifled for far too long by the inertia of my own life. I missed my friends, missed writing, missed adventure, missed feeling alive. I was so utterly bored and frustrated with the daily grind. And then I got this fortune.

Um...hello? Universe? Is that you? Giving me a little nudge towards the light? Yes, I believe so.

I so often forget that I am the biggest barrier to my own happiness. And what is the answer in times of stuckness? Movement. Just doing something, no matter how simple or small. Taking a step in a new direction. Waking up a little earlier. Going for a walk outdoors. Turning off the computer. Picking up the pen. Putting down the fork. Playing some music. Dancing in the living room. Helping someone out. Listening. Creating a list of dreams. Drawing a picture. Saying thank you. Taking the long way home.

I had been stuck for a long time. Then I got sick three times in four months and decided, Enough! It's time to break out of that corner, unstuck that rut!

So I started eating better and taking more walks in the evening with my husband. I started writing three pages in my journal in the morning, despite the resistance. I started photographing flowers, shadows, colors, and faces.

I stopped some things, too. I took a leave of absence from my bellydance troupe because I was feeling more drained than inspired. I stopped eating dairy. (No more cheese or half & half in my morning coffee!) And I stopped berating myself for not being as self-disciplined as I would like.

Each day, I'm feeling a little more alive and a little less stuck. If I get stuck again (which I inevitably will) I just need to remind myself to unstuck that rut.

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Anonymous said...

I got the same fortune last week. Don't believe me? Drop me an email.
I'll send you the almost exact pic I took of it. Wooden table background and all. Spooky.