November 26, 2009

thanks giving

I woke up this morning to an ethereal fog outside enveloping the trees and drifting just above the earth. It's a quiet gloom that makes me miss the desert sun. It has been nearly four months since we moved to the northern California coast. Life here has been busy and quiet, filled with laundry and ocean sunsets and wood smoke and wild turkeys on the meadows every morning. I am thankful for many things, though I don't express my gratitude to others or to the universe often enough. I will do so here. I give thanks for: parents who have supported and encouraged me, even when my choices haven't always made sense to them. mother's courage and strength in her struggle to conquer the symptoms of Lyme disease. father's, grandfather's, father-in-law's, and friends' financial help when we needed it. sister, who understands me better than anybody and knows how to listen. friends who I don't see as often as I'd like, but whose energy remains a steady presence in my life. husband, who gives me so much so selflessly and is the best partner in ways I'm still discovering. sister-in-law, who treated us to a perfect mini-vacation down the road and whose spirit I got to really see for the first time.

...the universe, for providing us with this fabulous opportunity to live and work in northern California, and for always taking care of our needs.

...two wonderful years of living in Luna Rica, one of the most amazing homes I've ever seen. May the right people find and appreciate that space as we were lucky enough to do.

...the healing ocean that's just across the highway from us.

...mushrooms, flowers, deer, stars, and all the beauty that surrounds our humble home.

...Clara, who makes this place sparkle.

...sunshine after the fog.

...Thanksgiving dinner tonight with Adriana & Kevin & Nela.

...pennies everywhere.

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