April 16, 2010

you have stayed too long

You have stayed too long in the realm of silence, old stories locked away in a box and new ones locked in your head, your heart, your whole body. You have stayed too long and the new stories cease to pile up & gather dust—they cease breathing.

"You have stayed too long," she warned me, the sun behind her illuminating her golden hair and blinding me as I sought to read her expression. It was time to go, time to leave, but I had become comfortable there in the silence, savoring the safety. 

The journey begins with a new blank book and a pen. Each word is a step forward in a new direction, a pilgrimage to the center of my own soul, a journey I wasn't prepared to make alone. Each word a stepping stone, a glimmering path through an unknown and terrifying land but leading to that magical realm—like Oz—like Paradise—like all the magical realms the heroes of the great stories have sought to enter.

"You have stayed too long" and she handed me the book and the pen and I had no other choice but to take them and begin the journey.


PiTo said...

Wow! Does this actually mean that you are going to start writing again?
Or are you just getting our hopes up and teasing us?
I, for one, am looking forward to your writing. Plus, you OWE me.

Anonymous said...

Que el Espiritu bendiga tus dias, tus manos que escriben historias facinantes, Tu cuerpo que se mueve con la gracia de las palmas, y la aurora que derrama tu presencia cada instante cuando estais serca de tus semejantes.
I agree with Pito, you owe it to us, He and I, delight us with your writings. You need to open your hand and your heart and let it flow into the pages in front of you.

MAMA P said...

Where are you Monica???? We need more writing....more writing.....more writing.

PiTo said...

It has been WAY too, to, two long. Get your creativeness going... NOW!